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Our Service

The service focuses on Pre-K to 12th Grade bilingual curriculum design, instructional resources creation, planning support, structured teacher training sessions, and intensive coaching. Teacher training and coaching topics include: 

  • Social & Emotional Wellbeing

  • Using student assessment and data to inform instruction

  • Behavior Management & Techniques

  • Inquiry-Based Learning/ IB PYP and MYP Approaches

  • Trans-disciplinary curriculum planning

  • STEAM  & Integrated technology

  • Reading and Writing Workshop in both English and Chinese Classroom

  • Play-based Early Childhood Curriculum Development and Planning Support

  • Intercultural Enrichment Programs

  • Coaching the Coach Training 

  • AP Chinese Curriculum and Planning Support

  • Customized Support or Workshops Based on the Need 

Professional Workshop Series and Teacher Support Projects

Professional Workshop Series and Teacher Support Projects

K-8th Grade Writing Workshop for All Souls World Language Catholic School, C.A.

​Jan. 29th, 2021


Writing Workshop for K-5th Grade Bilingual Teachers at Orion and Mandarin Immersion School in Redwood City School District, C.A.

Jan. 6th, 2021

Mandarin Reading Workshop for 1st-5th Grade PYP & Immersion Teachers at Hilton Head Island Elementary School, SC

Feb.1st, 2021


Early Literacy Workshop for PYP & Immersion Teachers at Lakes International Language Academy, MN

Feb. 3rd, 2021

Bi-literacy Workshop Series for PYP & Immersion Teachers at West County Mandarin Immersion School, C.A.

September 2020

IMG_4431 2.jpg

STEAM and Immersion Workshop Series for Bilingual Teachers at Philistine Rondo School of Discovery, C.A. ​

2020-2021 School Year

Fall Workshop Series on Supporting Online Teaching for K-8th Grade Immersion Teachers at Denver Language School, CO

2020-2021 School Year


Curriculum Workshop Series on Integrating Bi-literacy into STEAM Units for both K-5th Grade Dual Language Immersion and World Language Teachers at Glenwood Elementary School, NC

July 2020

Workshop Series on Improving Students' Oral Language Output for K-5th Grade Bilingual Teachers at Orion and Mandarin Immersion School, C.A

2020-2021 School Year


​Workshop Series for Supporting You Consulting Partner Schools on Establishing Engaging Online Small Group Lessons 

August and September 2020

Workshop and Coaching for Culture and Language Enrichment Program:

Online Summer Camp Teacher Training at Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School, D.C.  ​

July 2020


​End of School Year Workshop Series on Curriculum and Planning Support for Mandarin Immersion Teachers at Appo School District, Delaware

June 2020

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