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We Are Supporting New and Current Pre-K to 12 Mandarin Immersion & World Language Programs

Pearl You

Pearl has 19 years of full-time experience in the bilingual language education field. She is an experienced English teacher, Mandarin Immersion teacher, and administrator. As the Mandarin Immersion Program director, Pearl led the Mandarin immersion team and implemented training sessions in planning, teaching, as well as development and delivery of the curriculum for 7 years at Washington Yu Ying PCS, an IB-PYP & Chinese Immersion school.

Pearl founded You Consulting in 2017. She has been the consultant of schools and districts across states, such as Maryland, Delaware, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, New York, Wisconsin, Colorado, Minnesota, and D.C. She also worked with bilingual schools in the U.K., Singapore, Hongkong, Beijing, and Shanghai. The grade levels she has been working with are from PreK to 8th Grade. Pearl's vision is to utilize her rich experience to support and work with teachers and administrators and elevate the level of Chinese and English dual-language programs all over the world.

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